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LAD Newsletter 1

Welcome to the first Newsletter from the AAS Laboratory Astrophysics Division (LAD). We apologize if you receive this more than once.

Here we provide information on:

How AAS members can join the LAD
How non-AAS members can join the LAD
Joining the LAD listserv

We encourage you to regularly consult the LAD web pages at for updated information

How AAS members can join the LAD

Commencing in early September, the AAS Membership renewal season will begin. You should receive an email directly from the AAS explaining how to renew your membership. Additional information is available from the AAS webpage

When you renew your AAS membership, you will also be able to join the LAD and pay the associated dues.

How non-AAS members can become an LAD Affiliate

Affiliate LAD membership will be provided for persons who are not AAS members, but who are members of another recognized professional organization with interests related to laboratory astrophysics. We are still in the process of setting up the mechanism by which non-AAS members can apply to become an LAD Affiliate. If you are interested in becoming an LAD Affiliate, please join the LAD listserv as described below and you will receive a future announcement explaining how to join.

LAD Listserv

A new listserv ( has been created for the LAD. The listserv is being hosted by Google Groups.

Anyone who was a member of the listserv for the Working Group on Laboratory Astrophysics (WGLA) was automatically shifted over to the new LAD listserv. No further action is required on your part to continue to receive emails from the LAD listserv.

If you wish to manage your preferences on the LAD listsev, you need to have at least a basic Google Account. If you do not already have a Google Account, you will need to create one. This can be done by going to where Google has a process that will walk you through linking an email address to a Google Account.

If you were not a member of the WGLA listserv and would like to join the LAD listserv, here are the instructions for subscribing to the list.

To join by email write to:
Be sure to follow the instructions in the confirmation email. (just reply back to the email list)

To join by link go to:
Click "Sign in with a different account". If you do not have a Google Account you will need to create an account before you can join using the
link. Here is how to create a Google Account

Help information for subscribing to Google Groups can be found at:

If you would like to unsubsribe from the LAD listserv, just send an email to