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Laboratory Astrophysics Division (LAD)

The object of the Laboratory Astrophysics Division is to advance our understanding of the Universe through the promotion of fundamental theoretical and experimental research into the underlying processes that drive the cosmos.


Congratulations to our 2021 LAD Prize Recipients!!

The LAD Laboratory Astrophysics Prize goes to Prof. Geoffrey Blake for fundamental contributions to spectroscopic and observational studies of the chemistry of the interstellar medium, star-forming regions, disks, comets, and exoplanetary atmospheres.

The LAD Early Career Award goes to Dr. Javier García for calculations of atomic data and implementation of relativistic reflection models to understand accreting black holes and neutron stars.

The LAD Diessertation Prize goes to Dr. Jennifer Bergner for the discovery of new, cold pathways to complex molecule formation and for creative, interdisciplinary explorations of the origins of organic molecules during planet formation.