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1. For AAS members
Details on how to join the LAD, membership classes, and categories are discussed below. 

  • Full Member, Amateur, Alumni, Educator, International Affiliate: $20
  • Graduate Student Member: $10
  • Undergraduate Student Member: $5
  • Emeritus Member: No cost

NB: Details on the AAS membership classes can be found here.

2. For non-AAS members: $25

Individuals who are not members of the American Astronomical Society are eligible to join the LAD as an affiliate member if they belong to one of the Professional Societies recognized by the LAD and can secure nominations on behalf of their application.





Donations are encouraged to support the activities of the new division. Two classes of donations are offered:  

LAD General Fund Contribution
Donations to the General Fund will be used by the LAD Leadership to help meet the Division Objective which is to advance our understanding of the universe through the promotion of fundamental theoretical and experimental research into the underlying processes that drive the Cosmos.

Honors, Prize, and Awards Fund
Donations to the LAD Prize Fund will help to support the prizes to be awarded by the Division, normally on an annual basis, for contribution to laboratory astrophysics: the Laboratory Astrophysics Prize, the Early Career Award, and a Dissertation Prize.